Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Youngzine - News for kids


Looking for a current events site for kids?  Check out Youngzine.  Using this site, students are able to read current events articles, comment on those articles, and even submit some of their own writing  to the site.  The comments are moderated by the staff at the site, as are any submitted articles.  If you sign up as a teacher, you are even able to create a "classroom" where students use a unique code to join your class.  Once the students are associated with you, you are able to see what they commented on and all their site activity.

A unique defining feature of Youngzine is the students' ability to earn points as they use the site.  As they read articles, comment, rate, and take quizzes (yes there are even pre-made quizzes!) they earn points that go towards earning them a spot on the Hall of Fame!

The news is split up into World News, Science and Tech, Our Earth, Society and Arts, and Sports.  There is also a games section where users can read comic strips and play games (to be used if a student has finished their work). So, check out this kid-friendly, Slide-approved current events site!

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